Dominach’s Taekwondo Academy

We’re Serious . . . About Making Martial Arts FUN for the Whole FAMILY!!!

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Dominach’s Taekwondo Academy is located in the heart of Independence, KY (41051).  Most of the families that come to take class with us find it to be a convenient location in Independence Towne Center (next to ACE Hardware, as well as our new neighbors, STATE FARM, SNAP Fitness, and CORNERSTONE Family Chiropractic).  It’s easy to drop off your kids and run a quick errand or two at KROGERS, several of the surrounding banks, or perhaps you need to run over to the CITY OF INDEPENDENCE building or Kenton County COURTHOUSE.

But it’s RT 17 or ST RT 536 that make it easy to get to the KARATE school from all over Northern Kentucky.  Plus with our flexible schedule and variety of class times, students are able to come from the following surrounding cities [ Taylor Mill     Edgewood     Erlanger     Covington     Crestview Hills ] and these local zip codes [ 41051     41015    41018    41017 ].

DTA is a member of TAEKWONDO AMERICA, a national organization dedicated to providing the best in martial arts family fitness.  Although MMA & UFC training / cage fighting is NOT what we are about, we are committed to staying well rounded in our training and teaching methods.  There are a lot of great ideas that step outside the TRADITIONAL TAEKWONDO that is the heart of our curriculum.  Occasionally we even have special guests, clinics, or camps where our students have the opportunity to work with WEAPONS, JUJITSU, STREET DEFENSES, GRAPPLING, or perhaps even a mild experiment in MIXED MARTIAL ARTS.

MOMS absolutely love the workout they get in our CARDIO KICKBOXING class (TKD Lite), which is open to guys too, and even teenagers.  The key to fitness and losing weight is discipline and having fun! 

Regardless of your goals (discipline, confidence, stress relief, self-defense, focus, better grades, respect, or just want to learn martial arts), TAEKWONDO could be the answer you are looking for.  And if you’re in Northern KY, you should check out Dominach’s Taekwondo Academy in INDEPENDENCE.  Kicking and Punching might be your thing . . . you just don’t know it yet : )

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Dominach’s Taekwondo Academy opened it’s doors on January 2, 2008.  There are over 230 students enrolled at DTA, with at least 120 families enjoying classes, tournaments, and other events. 

DTA strives to maintain a clean facility, nice training equipment, and a welcoming atmosphere.

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859-356-9976                           2148 Declaration Drive - Independence, KY - 41051              

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